IKEA-What made it multinational brand? A huge rush for furniture!


IKEA is a swedish founded multinational brand of furniture that design and sells READY-TO-ASSEMBLE furnitures,kitchen appliances and home accessories . It has been the world’s largest Furniture retailer company this time.

Last week ,Swedish IKEA opens first single-brand retail store in Hyderabad india. There was a huge rush of the people in the first opening show of IKEA .

There is very interesting story behind this brand and business strategy which listed it’s owner in one of the top 10 richest people by Forbes .

IKEA  is a acronym that consist of the initials of Ingvar Kamprad(name of the founder) Elmtaryd(form where he grew up) and Agunnard(his home town).

Unique Business Strategy –

  • It designs Ready -to assemble furniture product
  • Designs modern appliances for various home needs
  • Focus on interior designs
  • Cost control
  • It provides operation details and continuous product development

This time there is more than 400 stores in different countries of IKEA furniture . This company is totally customer and quality focused and trusted by more than 50 countries . Ultimately it’s complete solution of furnitures.


You can visit it’s site for the designs and home decorations at-Complete furniture solution

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