Micro-loan for college students – Startups helping students

There is a great challenge for the students passing out there schools after 12th standard to achieve higher education in different colleges. Day to day education is being too costly that many students can not efforts their fee at once. Our bank system does not provide instant loan for them since they have no basis for them.

Education loan/scholar loan  is one of the solution but bank provide a fix amount of loan.

In college life there is so many need of the students ongoing, There is need of money for there Clothes,Books,Travel, and for other expenses. Sometime our pocket money does not allow us to explore all these things.

Considering above issues Some brilliant Startup came into the picture and today they are the economic base of the many students . They provide a mini platform for the students to avail loans for their personal as well as academic need. Students can submit loans through the EMI as per their  Norms. There is no physical process verification  everything is accessible with your smartphones , there is no involvement of parents too. The name of the startups going are –

  1. Redcarpet – instant loan for students
  2. Crazybee – Students loan platform    you can click the given links to explore more about it. Collage students must visit once to these sites ,It may help you lot.
  3. You can share this information with your friends having economic problem , it can help him for achieving their dreams. for more updates follow us just entering your email . You can also suggest us the people or topics to whom you want to explore in comment section or contact section.

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